Dale Haste
C++ - DirectX/HLSL - Unity3D - Cocos2d-x - QT



I recently completed a Level 7 Diploma (equivalent to a masters) in Game Development for Computer Gaming (awarded by City & Guilds) through a home learning provider, where I achieved a Distinction overall. I’ve developed skills within the C++ programming language from memory management, event systems (utilising callbacks to objects), processing systems to inheritance, including polymorphism through virtual methods. I’ve also integrated third party solutions such as Bullet Physics and SFML. Other more general fields covered include file serialisation (e.g. Text, CSV and XML file parsing), path finding, collision and tree structure optimisations (binary/quad/oc trees).

I’ve learned core shader programming through HLSL and the Direct3D 9 API, producing shaders capable of ambient, diffuse and specular (phong) highlighting, normal mapping, directional and point light generation, post processing, particle effects and shadow volume generation. I’ve gained an understanding of the Unity3D engine and its C# based scripting language, which includes the use of templating and inheritance to generate unified singleton objects, along with a consistent state manager to transition scenes through a single function call.

I’ve developed several android based projects through C++ initially using Marmalade SDK, though more recently through Cocos2d-x. Other software packages and languages I’ve utilised to varying degrees includes batch script, python script, PHP, Visual Studio, Blender3D, SVN (Tortoise-SVN), Perforce, Git (Source Tree), Paint.net, MS Office and Eclipse (Android).

Before I started my course with Train2Game, I studied at The Mirfield Free Grammar & Sixth Form (GCSE and A-Level). During my time there I would say my overall favourite subject was Design Technology – 3D Design. Something I will always take from this subject is the importance of research, and its ability to expand into great concepts/designs which surpass the original concepts/design. The course also showed me how to take a criteria (for a product/idea) and develop it. These are both things I believe transfer greatly into my current course.

I was fortunate enough to gain some work experience in QA/Gameplay testing at Sumo Digital on their title 'Sonic & All-Star Racing: Transformed' for a total of five weeks, which resulted in my name appearing in the games credits!

A zipped archive of my latest C++ source code can be found here:

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